feat. Alexandra Winter Roxie Hart and the Boys (Henry Boyd, Dana Malkin, Kevin Paley, Andrew Pilmer, Brandon Rachal, & J.M. Sudsina). Choreography by Ariel Improta.

"Funny Honey"

feat. Alexandra Winter as Roxie Hart, Ian Shain as Amos Hart, and Andrew Pilmer as Sergeant Fogarty.

"We Both Reached for the Gun"

feat. Will McGarey as Billy Flynn, Alexandra Winter as Roxie, Mady Mills as Mary Sunshine & Company (Nisha Balsara, Henry Boyd, tevie Rae Gibbs, Amanda Giuliano, Dana Malkin, Kevin Paley, Brandon Rachal, J.M. Sudsina, & Charlotte Wen) Choreography by Ariel Improta.

A very special thank you to close family friend Alan Fribourg for filming and editing these clips from Chicago!