Indiegogo Success!

Thank You.

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donations to my indiegogo campaign, your attendance at my show, and your love and support.

I absolutely could not have done it without your help. Your contributions were critical in creating the foundation for my one woman show. This is a work in progress just like me; a living breathing evolving piece of me and I am so grateful for your support.

I did 4 performances as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and received positive and supportive feedback from each and every audience member. 

The most common words on the feedback sheets were:


Here are some of my favorite messages from the audience:


Lexie is enchanting to watch. Talking openly and honestly with the audience relating to them on a personal level was easily the heart of the show.
Her vulnerability. I felt entirely engaged and compassionate to her experiences. Because she was so beautifully honest it was impossible to steer my focus away from her performance.
...the beauty of the harp, the candles, these universal elements blended with the intellect and "taboo” emotion.
I am so touched. Profoundly beautiful.
Having us close our eyes for the first song... it sounded so good I kept them closed for the whole song because it felt like she was in my head singing to me.
I love the heartfelt and honest thoughts she shared... her heavenly voice and gorgeous harp playing. 
The natural atmosphere. I was able to dive into the show because there was no pretense of theatre. I was able to fall into an accepting state of mind because I felt at home.

Audience members also mentioned they see this show being performed:

  • Black Box Theaters
  • College Campuses
  • Women’s Groups
  • Solo Performance Festivals
  • Art Galleries
  • House Parties

I cannot wait to keep going, keep working on this show and see where it takes me.

I raised $7,340 which means I walked away with exactly $6,766.40 … absolutely incredible! THANK YOU!

Here is where that money went:

  • Hollywood Fringe Festival Registration - $250
  • Professional Photo Shoot & Marketing Images - $3,258.38
  • Venue - $580
  • Production Insurance - $196.85
  • Set - $16.31
  • Printed Materials - $65.98
  • Graphic Designer - $100
  • 5 Music Tracks - $2,500 
  • Videography & Editing - $150
  • Staff Help Set Breakdown - $80
  • Total Spent: $7,197.52 

Every dollar raised and spent created a strong foundation for the next evolution of my show!


This year I received my 200 hour certification as a Yoga Teacher. I leave July 12 for India where I will take 4 weeks to study at two different Ashrams. I will begin teaching Yoga when I return in August!

I also plan to start a blog that tackles Mental Health Awareness, my study of Yoga, and my Creative Endeavors - the link between these things is the heart of my show! 

I will record my first EP with music producer Kyle Townsend ( and will release the EP alongside the second workshop of my show this November.

Please keep an eye out later this year for my second round of fundraising on Indiegogo. You have already been so generous as a patron. If you have the ability to continue your support this second campaign will raise money for my EP and the next workshop. 

I welcome all of your thoughts, feedback, and advice, as I continue on this journey. I hope that you will continue your love and support because I hope you know, it means the world to me. 

All of my love,


I would also like to take the time to thank those friends and fellow artists who donated their time to this project:

Jonathan Baker (producer and fiancé)

Leah Silberman (co-producer)

Stas Bondarenko (videography)

Kamilla Kavinge 

Daniel David Stewart

Rebecca Gomberg

Kaelan McGinnis

Your support and friendship gave me the boost of strength I needed each night. Thank you <3